Sunday, November 30, 2008

African Elections: 11-30-08


The people are wonderful. Much more laid back than they had been in Kenya when my wife and I were there over this past summer.

I've not had much time yet to dig into the election, but I sense an optimistic tension. Optimism that they can be a model for African Democracy. Tension that if Kenya can succomb to election violence, then no country is safe. There are election posters everywhere and every other TV commercial is for the election. Most of the stories in the newspaper have something to do with the election.

More on that later. It is a Sunday and finding anything open (especially an internet cafe) is a chore. I still need to connect with my contact from the Free World Foundation. I have his cell phone number. I may have to pay a stranger to allow me to use their cell phone. I probably can't pick up a cheap cell phone on a Sunday.



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Sue H. said...

Wow - your description of your room, furnishings and other "hotel guest" would have made most sprint right out of there! I bet I know what your Thanksgiving prayers were. Many blessings for a safe journey -